A series of continuous loops, knit structure is both whimsical and technical, exuberant and controlled. Like any craft, it offers a long list of limitations, coupled with a lifetime’s worth of possibilities.

Invoking nature, nostalgia and the fantastical, my work seeks to arrive at the transcendental by way of the practical. It imagines a better world that is not so very far away and invites others to do the same.

Originally from rural Tennessee, I grew up on thirteen acres of woods, fields and gardens. Weekends were spent exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and playing “botany for dollars.” The natural world was both ubiquitous and sacred.

For the past four years I have made my creative home in Houston’s East End. Surrounded by saturated colors, old homes and industry, I both seek out the natural world for inspiration and recreate it where it cannot be found.

With an eye to sustainability at each stage, my practice includes the sourcing of recycled and used materials and works towards achieving zero waste. Fully fashioned knitting produces no waste in its creation. Byproducts from other processes are repurposed and provide a constant source of inspiration.