Claire Drennan Knitwear is slow, sustainable fashion. Sustainability means considering all stages of a garment’s life, from raw material to fabric to garment and then ultimately to its disposal.

Sweaters are hand-loomed on vintage knitting machines in Houston, TX. Each piece takes many hours to produce and is fashioned from 100% organic merino wool, spun in Maine in the same manner for 100 years. Garments are knit to shape or “fully fashioned,” resulting in a final product that has generated zero waste. Built to last from quality materials, with proper care a Claire Drennan sweater will endure for many years; in every way a sustainable product.

Claire Drennan also includes cut-and-sew knits, fashioned from Polartec fabric composed of 100% recycled materials. These pieces are machine washable and built for many wears.

Claire Drennan is wearable and whimsical, with timeless silhouettes and a focus on beautiful textures and colors. Why knits? For the practical, playful woman who will not be encumbered, knits mold to their wearer, providing a full range of motion and expression.