Each piece is designed by me, Claire, in my Houston studio and produced from sustainable fibers, such as organic merino wool and recycled cotton. All raw materials are sourced from within the united states.

I am a fiber artist and Textile designer, exploring the intersection of art, craft, and sustainable materials. The fashion industry is the world’s second greatest polluter and my goal is to be a fun, accessible part of the solution. #CarrotsNotSticks

My knitting machine, which is roughly the size of an electric piano and nearly fifty years old, makes use of a binary punch card computer and a knitting carriage that is manipulated manually across a bed of latch-hook needles. I am continually inspired by the capabilities and limitations of this elegant machine.

My creative process begins with the fashioning  of swatches, where inspiration, raw materials, and means of production inform and complement one another. I use color and texture to communicate nostalgia, whimsy and fun. I then translate textiles into wearable garments and installations. I have recently partnered with a texas mill to produce some of my designs in small Quantities. Working with a mill is an important part of making sustainable fashion more affordable and providing the public with an opportunity to disrupt the fashion industry.  all items are knit to shape, meaning that there is very little waste in the process, unlike cut and sew techniques.